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Integrys Energy Services, Inc. has joined Constellation!

What does this mean to Integrys customers? No changes to service or contracts at this time. We will be merging our companies and processes to ensure seamless service and a postive customer experience. We will keep you informed of our integration progress.

Please continue to contact your current customer care and sales resources.

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Chicago, Illinois Electric Aggregation Program from Integrys Energy

City of Chicago Electric Aggregation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Municipal aggregation uses the group purchasing power of residents to help cities negotiate competitive electricity prices and products, including cleaner energy sources. The City has negotiated an agreement with Integrys Energy Services, Inc. to provide these services to Chicago residents and businesses.

How do I enroll? As an eligible residential or small business customer you will be automatically enrolled in the program unless you choose to opt-out.

How do I opt-out? To opt-out, return the opt-out card at the bottom of your letter, using the envelope provided, or opt-out online.

What if I decide to opt-out? You will continue to receive your electricity supply from ComEd.

Can I leave the program at a later date? You can leave the program for any reason at any time without an early termination fee.

Does it cost to enroll? There are no enrollment or switching fees at any time.

Why are there two pricing components for my electricity? The two parts are made up of a monthly customer charge for the costs of using the regional transmission grid and a $/kWh rate for the costs of buying the electricity itself.

When will I begin to see my new product/rate?Customers can expect to see their new kWh and monthly customer charge beginning as soon as their April 2015 bill, depending on the enrollment date.

Who will bill me for electricity? You will continue to receive your monthly bill from ComEd. You can keep the same budget billing and automatic payment options that you have now.

Who is responsible for delivery of power to my home or business? ComEd will continue to deliver power to your home or business, be responsible for maintaining the system, and respond to outages.

What if I have already selected another supplier? You will be able to join (opt-in) the City’s aggregation program at any time. However, review the Terms and Conditions of your current agreement with your retail electrical supplier. There may be a minimum term requirement, or early termination or switching fees.

Who will be the supplier? The City selected Integrys Energy Services, Inc. based on competitive rates and quality customer service. Integrys has served the City’s program since February 2013, and has operated aggregation programs in more than 70 other communities in Illinois.

How can I find out more information? Contact Integrys at 888-802-2885.

How will I be contacted? You will receive program information through the mail. The City or Integrys will never come to your door, contact you by phone, or ask for your ComEd account number. Please be careful of anyone who directly solicits you to switch to an alternative supplier.

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