Commercial & Industrial Customers
Electricity Supply Solutions Overview

Energy markets today are becoming increasingly volatile and complicated. You have many options you can take advantage of to manage your energy costs. Constellation offers a variety of solutions to accommodate your choice and comfort level in energy cost management.

Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Electricity Supply Solutions Overview

Evaluating the risks and rewards of various fixed price power offers is the key to selecting the right product. To make the best decision, consider how much risk you are willing to accept, and what you are willing to spend to avoid certain risks.

Choosing a price power provider is a "risk vs. reward" decision. Constellation would like for customers contemplating this decision to be able to make an apples-to-apples comparison so they can make the best energy decision. While the electric commodity cost usually accounts for about 75 to 80 percent of a fixed price offer, the other 20 to 25 percent can vary widely and expose you to costs you were not expecting.

  • Full Requirements Solution
    If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated supply, consider a Full Requirements Solution to make buying your power simpler and more budget-certain.
  • Index Price Solution
    If your company can withstand energy cost fluctuations in your processes or solutions, or can pass that variability on to your customers, consider an Index Price Solution.
  • Index with Market Sensor
    Index with Market Sensor* offers your business the ability to contract for your energy at a price indexed to market prices, while putting a strategy in place to be ready for a significant market move.
  • Demand Response
    If you are accustomed to buying natural gas futures contracts, consider a Financial Solution to take advantage of your knowledge and energy market experience.
  • Renewable Energy Credits
    Constellation can offer voluntary Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) upon request and is Green-e Energy Certified.
  • NYISO SCR Curtailment Program
    Since 2001, Constellation has been one of the largest and most successful Responsible Interface Parties (RIP) in New York State to participate in the Special Case Resource (SCR) Program offered by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).

Residential Customers

Energy deregulation has given residential and lower volume business customers a choice in their electric and natural gas supplier. Competition among companies that supply energy can help you stabilize, or lower, your energy costs. Constellation provides 24 x 7 customer service along with exceptional customer service evidenced by the fact that XX% of our customers would recommend us.

Constellation offers electric choice programs for residential and lower usage commercial customers in Illinois and Ohio for the following utilities -