Natural Gas Market Supply Procurement Strategy

Constellation's Market Supply Procurement Strategy for natural gas offers budgetary solutions and potential savings opportunities.

If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated natural gas solution that doesn't require your constant attention, consider our market supply procurement strategy to help make buying your natural gas simpler. Your forecasted supply needs are purchased at first-of-month prices while daily variation volumes are handled through daily cash markets. This strategy is ideal for customers whose budgetary needs require them to withstand energy cost fluctuations in their processes or products, or who can pass that variability on to their customers.

Benefits of the Market Supply Procurement Strategy

  • Simplicity - This solution bundles all costs and services associated with procuring and supplying your natural gas at current market rates into one price.
  • Budgetary Solutions - If your budget structure allows you to withstand energy cost fluctuations in your processes or products, or to pass costs through to your customers, this solution was designed to meet your needs. Your natural gas price is based on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) or another indexed commodity market, which makes it easy to see how your price will change from movement.
  • Potential Savings Opportunities - The market supply strategy allows you to fully participate in downside market opportunities, so you capture the savings when prices drop.