Electric Full Requirements Solutions

Integrys Energy Services' Full Requirements Solutions offer your business cost certainty during this time of uncertain energy prices.

If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated supply, consider a Full Requirements Solution to make buying your power simpler and more budget-certain.


  • Simplicity - Includes all costs and services associated with power at a fixed price.
  • Reduced Risk - Offers cost certainty for the budget-conscious with a fixed unit price for all your electricity needs. This includes energy and all related retail components, such as charges from your regional transmission organization*.
  • Flexibility to Meet Your Needs - No restriction on the amount of electrical usage**, and contract terms that range from months to five years to suit your needs.
  • Potential Savings Opportunities - Many utilities bundle various fees into a single rate. This solution may provide for a direct comparison with your local utility.

* Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) pass-through charges may vary by specific market. In some cases where the RTO charges are new or unknown, Integrys Energy may not be able to include these in the fixed price.
** Material change provision could be invoked if monthly usage deviates by more that 20% as compared to historical usage for more than two consecutive months.