Aggregation Services

Our mission is to provide value to your communities and establish long-term relationships.

Pre-Aggregation Services

  • Provide Drafts of County Communications:
    • Referendum Ballot Language
    • Opt-Out Aggregation Ordinance
    • Plan of Operation and Governance
    • Notice of Public Hearings
    • Postcard to Residents prior to referendum
  • Funding of Pre-Aggregation communication efforts through the BIC.
  • Participate in Public Hearings to educate both the public and County employees on the process.
  • Assist County in establishment of advisory committee.
  • Establish toll-free telephone number staffed by customer service personnel to address questions of potential aggregation participants.
  • Pre-Referendum Landing page is established on Constellation Website to support the aggregation education, Opt-Out rules and other FAQs
  • Assist County with communications with the Utility, examples include:
    • Customer Counts, usage, Rate Class designations
    • List of reference numbers, names, addresses, etc.
    • List of Account Numbers

Post Referendum Services

  • Provide Drafts of Customer Communications including -
    • Opt-Out Notice
    • Welcome Letter
  • Mail information materials, terms & conditions to potential aggregation participants.
  • Post Referendum landing page is established on Constellation Website to support the aggregation process, i.e. Participation Instructions, Terms & Conditions, FAQs, etc.
  • Assist with completion of Government Authority Aggregation Form and communications with ComEd surrounding data exchange.
  • Maintain list of potential participants who elect to opt-out and list of participants who consent to join.
  • Enroll the Aggregation.
  • Begin Invoicing via the POR program!
  • Provide periodic reports to County management